Saturday, 10 December 2011

Today is a bad day..

Today is a bad day for me.
I have this gnawing pain eating away in my shoulders, elbows,wrists,fingers,ankles. I say eating because thats how it feels as weird as that may sound.I have pins and needles in hands and keep getting the shakes. I feel totally drained and so tired,,This feeling is horrid and gets me down, had a few moments of tears but have held back, maybe crying would be a good thing but i do not want to admit defeat, do not want it to win..
I hate this feeling more than the days when i can't walk,  at least when i am in bed i can use hot water bottle and be comfortable,, there is nothing i can do to stop how i am feeling at the moment other than cover my body with deep heat and keep up with pain meds..
I sound so depressing sorry peeps, just saying it as it is, am signing off now as C is beating me in scrabble and i need to concentrate lol..She is distracting me, keeping me occupied, Thanks C..xx
Forgot to say my BM came round to pick nephew up earlier, her just having a cup of tea with me really helped to keep me occupied, thanks luvie, was nice..xx

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