Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I'm not lazy, i'm just conserving energy

Along with Arthritis comes many other things, such as heavy feeling, achiness and that general feeling of fatigue.
I have heard from some people that this can be more debilitating than the pain sometimes..

For a week now i have had what i call the urgh feeling.. when i just don't feel right.
Am drained, tired, achy and generally feel naff, have me normal niggles too but this urgh feeling certainly drags you down.
I feel like i need a day in bed to sleep lol.. Maybe a day in bed doing nowt willl suddenly enforce my energy?? I doubt it.. Will a sleep marathon suddenly make me feel more alive?? doubt it too, putting me in a bag and shaking me up?? i wish it was just that easy..Don't we all lol..Energy on tap would be such a cool thing, as soon as we feel a little deflated just drink some energy from the tap, and hey presto, ..Am dreaming again lol..
I often feel lazy for sitting down and doing nowt, but i know i am not lazy, as when i have energy and feeling okish i will get up and do what needs doing and more, get it all done in one swoop..
You think that we would get used to listening to our bodies and doing what that little voice in our head tells us to do ,which is rest or take it easy.. We shall never learn as we all try and push ourselves, we want that reminder that things are still possible.,
Now the kids are at school and Scott is back to work i can chill without worrying about feeling guilty lol..

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