Saturday, 24 March 2012

Hoping today will be a better day

Yesterday i decided i needed to do something about my pain. I doubted wether i would be ok over the weekend. When the pain is constant and shows no sign of easing or letting up and you have taken all the pain meds you can your kind of at the end of the road so to speak, well thats how you feel..
I rang up to get a telephone appointment hoping i could get a prescription and my BM could kindly collect it for me. There wasnt a telephone slot available, but as soon as i said my name the receptionist said " ooh i know who you are now, your in here all the time,i shall fill you in and make sure a doctor calls you before 12" you reckon i should set a bed up and maybe move in lol.. be easier..
Anyway Doc rang me and was unsure what to give me(he wasnt my usual GP) He said i was on all the tablets i could have, after looking at notes and lots of mmmmm's he said he felt another steroid injection would maybe do the job, He said he would need to order it in but would'nt arrive till after 3, gave me an appointment for 
4-20pm..When my BM dropped me off, receptionist said that the injection hadnt arrived and that i could wait another hr if need be, i explained i wouldnt be able to wait and hour and could i see doc to ask for somnething in the meantime...After a thorough exam on my hips and more mmmming he said he would put me on a 7 day morphine path, Brutans, 5mg released every hour. Then return to see him in a weeks time for steroid injection if need be.
Phew i was thinking, something to finally take the edge off things.i hoped. I placed the patch on as soon as i could.
Since the patch has been on, i do kind of feel more at ease, not so tight and bit more comfortable.Too be honest i have only got up to  the toilet once and am still sat in bed, i know it still hurts when i am walking, but i am hoping that throughout the day it gets a little easier. The sun is shining outside, and i dont want to be stuck upstairs in me room for another day, sitting in the garden and reading a book will be lovely and much more enjoyable too.
I am hoping things ease soon, it is horrible being so restricted and can make you feel lonely at times,shut off from the outside world. I am not saying i want to be dancing or running around like a headless chicken lol, but a bit more freedom to move would make my day today..fingers crossed eh and toes too please lol.


  1. Greetings fellow pain survivor
    I too have arthritis osteo for sure, RA probably but does not show up in blood test but symptoms do big time in my body, and Fibromyalgia and sciatica, so I know what you are talking about. I have tried all the pain meds like you but I was getting worse, so now I am on Prednisone, started out 2 wks on 40mg, 2 wks on 30 mg 2 wks on 20 mg then daily on 10 mg. Well it worked specifically on my sciatica thank God , and my RA and Fibro, osteo somewhat but walking still ouched, I have it in hip,back, knees so I walk with crutches or walker.Pain started back when I went down on 10mg so we increased it to 15mg and that seems to be working for now THANK GOD, I am also taking Arthrotec 3 times a day , and I must say this combo has done wonders, I am taking other meds, but this change has made a major change. So check up on it if you want to. I don't care for the side effects but we have to make choices sometime between the rock or the hard place, you know? I really understand and hope you find relief soon. blessings to ya

  2. Glad you changed the colour Tracy my eyes had trouble with the dark one. Hey just added you to my blog roll and leaving a hope you get a decent day and a ((((( ))))) Cris xx