Monday, 20 January 2014

Where I was then and where I am now :)

Hi all, Firstly I would like to apologise for not posting and keeping you up to date with how things have been.
It seems my life has turned round completely since I last posted, and all for the better too.
I have managed to go back to work and have been working since July last year. This for me was such an important part of me getting my condition under control and felt absolutely amazing to be able to do so. I still take my cocktail of tablets, although I am naughty and do not take them as I should, but this is because my life has become great again and I am not reliant on the tablets as much as I was. When I look back or read over my blog I realise how badly my condition was affecting my life and everything in it, how it had a hold of everything I did or wanted to do. Now I am glad to say I have a hold over it. Yes I have days where I am bad, but not to the extent that I was and I probably have them days a few times a month but the good thing is I am still able to go to work and manage,, yes it can be tough but the fight and determination in me overrides most things now adays as I know how bad I can be and and am extremely thankful I am not in that same place I was.
Daily I take;
and If I am having a bad day I will top that up with Naproxen. With the Tramadol though I have reduced this significantly. I was reliant on 8 a day to get me through previously, I am finding that I can take just 2 a day now and top up with paracetamol if and when necessary which I definitely prefer.
I have also been able to remove some of the aids I was using in my home( now in shed). I have removed my toilet frame, toilet seat and my aid that I used to help me sit in bed, this feels great to be able to do this, I still use my kettle tipper as my wrists and fingers are generally weak and can still go at anytime so this I will probably always use, but things are good and I am very happy.
I have even been offered a promotion at work, which is great news. Only problem being it's full time and more travelling. Will my body be able to do it and still be as good as it is now? Fact is I don't know and too be honest I don't think I will know unless I try will I? I don't have to give an answer until middle of Feb so I  still have time to mull it over in my head. I ma also going to give the travelling a taster, check it out and see how it is, give me a rough idea. I shall keep you posted.
I think it's fair to say that I am proof that although I had some low points in my health where I was suffering terribly, unable to walk, or move without extreme pain, things can get better and improve and there is always hope,, NEVER GIVE UP, , I never did, and have always tried to stay optimistic to the best I possibly can. Look at me 2 years ago, and look at me now... Anything is possible :-)

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  1. Hi there Tracy, I'm Lindsey! I have a question regarding your blog. Could you please email me when you have a moment? Thank you so much, looking forward to hearing from you!