Thursday, 14 June 2012

Shook myself up

Past few days my wrists and elbows have been really gnawing, its the gnawing pain that usually gets me down as it is constant and very painful, like it's eating away at me.

Yesterday i struggled going shopping. I normally shop on line but tesco was unable to deliver till Friday and i needed supplies as soon as, so i knew i needed to try and do it myself. Went to iceland and got that ordered on home delivery and went to the shop next door getting smellies toiletries etc. I managed but by the time i got home i felt tired sore and irritable, but at the same time it was an achievement on my part.

My son has been an absolute angel, running errands, going to the bank and making me cups of tea. Last night  my friend and her son went to the cinema and McDonalds. Money is tight but i wanted to treat him as he has been such a big help.I don't know what i would of done if he wasn't here.
Sitting in the cinema was a nightmare, trying to get comfy, i even took my own cushion to support my back and hips. Too others i must have looked like i had ants in my pants lol,, least i had some comfort though.
By the time i got home i was even more sore and irritable, i wanted to saw my wrists off, took meds and chilled in bed.

This morning i woke feeling pretty much the same, it was an effort getting out of bed and to get changed as it hurt and i was tired..
When the kids had gone to school, i came downstairs to do myself a drink, what happened next happened so fast i cant even tell you how it happened, all i know is i went down. It was if my body had just given up. I fell on the kitchen floor and it hurt. I lay there for a good 10 mins trying to recompose myself and work out if i could get myself up. Luckily for me there is a stair gate across the kitchen door to stop the dogs from coming in and out, as i landed right there i was able to pull myself up.
My arm hurt and felt like i twisted my knee and i dont even know how it happened.
Normally if you fall its due to slipping or tripping or something like that, i just went and thats what has shook me up. Suppose in a way has made me feel vunerable? not sure if that is the right word to use but i know i dont feel too good.
I need to get some positive vibes and put a smile on my face, so if you can send them through cyberspace to me, i would very much appreciate it..
Tomorrow will be a better day...


  1. Aw, Tracy, that must have been so scary! And painful, too, on top of all the other pain. Falling for no reason like that ... well, it sounds to me like you should contact your doctor. There might be some other underlying reason for it that can be treated so that you don't collapse again.

    I hope that tomorrow will be a much better day for you. I'm sending all the warmth, comfort, patience, hope and joy as I can over the sea to you. Keep smiling... :)

    1. Thanks Wren.. Am feeling better now, them positive vibes obviously worked, cheers..xx

    2. Positivevibes (((((((x)))))))

  2. Gnawing pain! That is the perfect description of my wrists and arms.