Monday, 27 February 2012

10 Positive things about Arthritis

We always seem to think of the negatives of Arthritis, that is understandable with everything we as sufferers experience....
I thought I would share with you my top ten of "Positive things about Arthritis" (in no particular order)

  • Now i have arthritis i understand and can sympathise with everyone who suffers with this ghastly disease, before i thought it was just aches and pains and occasional stiffness, how wrong was i lol, if only it was that easy eh?? Me learning and still learning enables me to help and support others where need be and for me to understand my condition as best as i can..
  • I have come across some lovely people through talking about Arthritis, they have been a great support for me, without them i would defffinately not be smiling lol
  • I now fully understand what is important in life. Now i know i am unable to carry on with my dreams my sole attention,energy is focused on those closest around me, my children and family..
  • I have learnt not to take things for granted..There have been small and normal things that i could do before arthritis without even thinking it would ever be a problem, such as brushing teeth, getting dressed, doing my hair, getting in and out of bath,making a cup of tea etc Now i am grateful for everything i can do and it makes it easier for me to accept when i am unable to do so..
  • Finding out who my true friends are, The ones that care and have time for me, i make sure i have time for them, everyone else can sod off to put it politely lol. Its the ones that matter who are important.
  • Learning not too worry about what people think of me. When i first had to go out with my crutches or sticks, i was embarassed by what others may think or say whispering to someone else, now i realise if it helps me then thats the important thing, what everyone else thinks is irrelevant. I went out the weekend with a 3 wheeled walker with shopping bag attached, my partner was at work and i needed some bits from the shop, i was a bit dubious at first, but then i thought sod it, i need it, it helps me and will be really beneficial so i am just going to do it, and i did and i had no funny looks or any comments, it was great and a boost i needed.
  • I have found that there are some very kind people and have had my faith restored in human nature, i have had alot of strangers help and offer to help more so than i ever would think, and that is great to find out that people do have a heart lol
  • My partner has become Mr mop lol, he is now a natural at cooking, cleaning and making lush cups of tea. all without any guidance from me, i knew he had a hidden talent lmao.
  • Staying tucked up in the warmth when it is cold outside.
  • Spending more time with my children, 


  1. Thank you!! I've been saying for a long time that without RA I'd not be friends with a huge number of people I am now friends with. You nailed this. I find it hard to dwell on the negatives of RA because I simply have SO much to be thankful for that the negatives of RA are far outweighed by the positives.

  2. I found your blog through the arthritis foundatipn's Facebook,they posted it earlier today. My name is maddison and I've had arthritis for eleven years, I'm only 21, and I've been searching and searching for a blog like yours so I can feel like I'm less alone in this. Thank you for posting all of this :)

  3. Madds... How awful 11 yrs.. glad you have found the blog helpful and if i can help in any other way let me know.. You are not on your own and together we can all support eachother..

  4. Tracy, how long have you had RA? It's been close to 28 yrs for me. I was dx'd at 7 and am 35 now.

    1. Not as long as you ... blimey 28 yrs is a long time..
      18 months i have had it, i have just deteriorated so quickly.

  5. I loveeeeeee this post, and your blog in general! I experience arthritis too - I've had it for about a year and a half now and I'm in middle school. You are such an inspiration! Please check out my blog - - and let me know if you have any advice or suggestions! Thank you!