Friday, 23 March 2012

Hate not being able to walk properly

Day 3 of i can hardly walk.
I have spent 3 days upstairs in the bedroom as i have no bathroom downstairs, as i am struggling walking up and down the stairs it is just easier upstairs. I do feel i am away from the world, confind to a small space, but what choice do i have when my body will not let me walk pain free.
My hips are throbbing, my left more so, every step i take the pain in my hip, lower back and sometimes pain up my spine is ouch ouch ouch.
I am surprised i not got sores on me bum for sitting down for so long lol.. The pain is not so bad sitting down, i can deal with it, walking is just so difficult.
My partner came home from work yesterday, took one look at me and said i need to go to A&E, i tried to explain to him that going to hospital is not going to help, they cant cure my arthritis and make me walk.He said well something needs to be done as you cant be like this forever.. I could see his frustration, but its so hard to explai things to him, he sees me suffering and in pain, and he cant help , but wants the medical profession too, if it was only that easy.. i wish..Not being able to walk properly restricts everything, and its days like these that i feel lonely and isolated, i am away from everyone, like being grounded lol..
Today i am due to go to 2 school shows, my niece and nephew have a tea day at school and they raise money for charity, which i said i would go to and my daughter has her performing arts production at school which i am definately going to, but its going to be hard and i am going to have to grin and bear it as i cant let arther beat me today, i wont let it beat me today...


  1. Good Morning!
    You sound like you have it bad :( and I feel your pain.

    It makes me so frustrated that in an age where we have huge medical advances there's nothing that can be done. You will get through today and I'm sure you'll do a great performance yourself.
    You put my pain in perspective, I have arthur in both hips and at the moment he's playing up again and my painkillers aren't really doing too much, though fingers crossed I'm ok right now, you make me realise that I'm being a sissy and maybe I need to man up!
    Take care and I hope today goes alright for you

    1. Your not a sissy at all. Everyones pain is different and is very real..xx

  2. Oh Tracy pan is such a bad companion.... I know it well and the only way to get it back to an expectable level (for me now) is to be doped to the eyes and float the day....Can they not up things or change things? I am slowly reading the bits I have missed flower but have they put you on any lists?

    You can always use the 'quality of life issue', I have used that one and so have a few and they will do something if you can make them understand that you are in so much pain life is getting rough....

    I wish thee was something I could say t make things easier for you but hang in there and know your not alone. ((((( ))))) and a maaaa from Alba who is now bigger than my lab. Adding a pain away draft and so many hopes today is better. Cris xx