Friday, 9 December 2011

Should i say it as it is??

If i was too say it as it is then i would today i feel crap, crap and even more crap Don't get more wrong i have worst days, much worst days, but this fatigue and niggling pains in my wrists is doing my head in. I think it's because it reminds me of when my symptoms started getting bad, the tiredness was overwhelming and the pain was sharp and constantly gnawing at me. The pain isn't really bad, but it is there constantly in my wrists, sometimes a little sharp pain twinges and it bloody hurts. My eyes are so heavy have been for 2 days now feel like i have been on a heavy night in the town, i wish lol..
I have my nephew staying and i love him to bits so the good thing is i only have to look at him and i smile, he is keeping me going tonight, not that my kids don't make me smile, but my nephew is a breathe of freshair and i love having him stay, makes my day..
I tried writing a poem this evening as i really feel i have a lot to get off my chest but sometimes it is hard to say it as it is..Sometimes you worry about burdening others as they have there own stuff going on, sometimes you worry about scaring people who are new to this disease, sometimes you feel like your just moaning or that the person you are telling it too is thinking your moaning... all that going round in your head, would it be better if we did just say it as it is?? If people genuinley care they will be happy to listen regardless of there own stuff, they will want to know how you are feeling and will want to be there for you.. I am rambling now i know, but it is a problem that does affect people,
How do you feel about telling people how you are really feeling??

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  1. Oh Tra, U dont winge, and u never have. The struggles to us are our own and feel as big as they do to us. We are the only ones who know how we truely feel and I find it one of the hardest things to do is to tell people how it is. I suppose it is my coping mechanism kicking in, my force field, if they dont know then its not that bad and i can cope. Well somedays i can and some i cant. On those days it is important to have someone you can share these feelings with.
    The other half, doesnt matter how much you love them or they love you, are not always the ones to share this with. This can be another thing to get your head around for them and you, I know I live it.

    I am so pleased to have met you and to be able to share these things with you.

    Thank you , you are the true meaning of the word FRIEND.xx