Wednesday, 30 November 2011

From then till now

So what started as a pain in my finger suddenly started attacking me everywhere.
From my finger pain it went to swelling of hands, then pain in wrists, so bad i felt like i wanted to chop my hands off, i found i was constantly looking grumpy with my arms folded holding my hands tight under each armpit, why??? i don't know just felt like it was doing some good, bizzare!!! I have learnt that there are a lot of bizzare things that happen with arthritis, i am sure these will be revealed along the way...
Anyway so after the wrists and hands swelling i felt pain in my shoulders the same kind of pain, then in my ankles, again the same pain, it was really freaking me out at this point. I was thinking what the dickens is going?? By the time i had my appointment in November with Rheumatologist i had pain in fingers,wrists,elbows,ankles,feet,shoulders and knees. To cut a long story short(comment if you would like more info) all bloods came back normal which left rheumatologist puzzled as my symptoms were that of inflammatory arthritis..A bone scan showed increased uptake in elbows,wrists,ankles,feet which were consistent of inflammatory arthritis and wear and tear changes in knees and fingertips(osteoarthritis) . I was given a steroid injection into bum to help with pain and swelling and put on Hydroxychloroquine along with other meds to help with pain.
I had a periods where i felt really sick and lethargic and in so much pain, once the hydroxy kicked in i did feel better. January i started having pain in hips, some days good some days bad, gradually over time my mobility became a big problem, i was at home most days unable to move properly, i was really struggling physically and emotionally. I was in the process of being dismissed from work for health reasons, unable to do my voluntary work and unable to move about, i felt shite..I joined a forum called Arthritis Care , The people on there are amazing and really support, they gave me loads of advice which enable me to speak to GP about referral for physiotherapist to see me at home for sticks and crutches and occupational therapist which provided appropriate aids to help. This was a great help and enabled me to move more freely and get my spirit back.
Although it isn't an easy ride, i try to stay positive after all i am a bubbly person and will not let this beat me.
I have decided to share my days with you, and will try and right a daily blog of how things are.  Hope you enjoy and feel free to ask any questions..                          

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  1. Good luck to you, I have just been diagnosed with arthritis and it is not nice. Its the frustration of not doing just what I want when I want that gets me.