Monday, 15 October 2012

It's getting cold brrrr

The damp and crisp mornings are now approaching and each morning when i wake i can feel myself getting stiffer and stiffer lol... I can't really complain as i have had a good run and things have been good for me but i am definitely not looking forward to winter months approaching..

Woke this morning with every joint sore and achy, am sat in bed now with fleecy pjs, fluffy socks and slipper socks on, dressing gown and the quilt tightly wrapped around me lol. I need to make sure i keep these joints warm, don't want to be letting any cold get through lol...
Its been an ok week for me. I have even taken up drawing again, which i am really chuffed about. It has iraated my wrists/elbows and fingers but to be able to draw again has really lifted my spirits, i forgotten how good it feels to be able to pen to paper and look back at my work after.. I just need to learn to pace myself with the drawing. I have a thing where if i start something i feel the urge that i need to finish it off, unfortunately now i am not able to do that so i need to rest when need be and continue again when i am rested... I am enjoying it though so i am going to continue and see what master pieces i can come up with lol.

I have got myself a little handy man at the moment. He is a 16 yr old lad who is my friends son. He is at college and loves fishing and is looking for some extra money to buy his fishing stuff. I have had him do my front and back garden, he has done a marvellous job, something i would definitely not be able to do myself. I am now looking to see what other jobs i can get him to do that i am unable to do myself. I have some decorating that needs doing, but i am not doing it before Christmas, it can wait. It is good to know that i now have someone who i can pay to do odd jobs for me. Saves me getting wound up because i cant do it lol..

Its small things that others can take for granted that makes me happy and keeps me at peace..Things i took for granted myself,, but now even i  realise the importance of everything and will not take things for granted ever again.

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