Monday, 12 December 2011

Slowly easing away.. yippee

Am finally smiling again and even had a little sing song to myself today, things are slowly easing away..
The pains are still there but slightly and not constant like they have been. I even tried wrapping a few presents as i wanted to do something useful as i was feeling better, but knew i couldn't do anything to strenuous, so wrapping presents seemed like an ideal thing. After the second small present my wrists were hurting and so were my fingers, one more i said, and then i decided i wasn't doing no more, my time was up lol so i put it all away and sat me bum back down, then the phone rang..It was my arther buddy C who has been having a real tough time lately and has been on the verge of chopping her flaming knee/leg off, lol, i know that feeling it's not nice and drives you in sane.. but hopefully the increase in patches will help..We chatted on the phone for over an hour i am sure, and if you were to ask me what we talked about i'd say i can't remember lol..We had a good chat about how we were feeling, what appointments we have coming up,ESA,DLA .and other arthritis stuff that only we as arthritis sufferers can understand properly..I love talking to my BM and i know she will always listen and try to understand and be there for me but i don't like to burden her with exactly how i am feeling as she has her own life and i want to be there to support her too without her worrying about me lol..Talking to others who have arthritis enables me to say it as it is and ask questions based on knowledge /experience and have an understanding with eachother on how tough things can actually be sometimes..C and I actually had a good laugh on the phone today even through all the serious stuff , they say laughter is the best medicine and i know it helped me after my bad few days and i am sure it helped C too..

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  1. Friends and laughter are great pain relievers. It's very important to keep that in your sights. This disease ebbs and flows and you never know so if you can take it all in stride and laugh a little, pop a pain pill, have a massage and rest you'll manage far better.

    Building character every day.