Monday, 12 December 2011

Day 5 of flare

Day 5 of my flare, i am not great but bit better than i was. Woke this morning with pain and stiffness all over body especially back and hips, may be the way i lay, we shall see as time goes on. I have my normal gnawing pain in ankles,wrists etc.Shoulders are quite painful this morning lets hope meds kick in soon..I struggled waling this morning, i know my hands will be no good for sticks so fingers crossed back and hips ease up otherwise may be crawling around on me ass lol..
Yesterday i wanted a bath to have a soak, when i feel as i have been the hot water feels so nice on my joints it's lovely(would stay in bath all day if i could) anyway afetr having a soak i knew i wouldn't be able to lift myself up from sitting position so thought i would try and turn round on my knees and lift myself up from that way.Managed to get myself on my knees as i held on to the rail to lift up, woosh i went slipped and smacked my chin on the bath, scott heard all the commotion and ran up to me, i think out of shock i started laughing and he joined in with me once he knew it wasn't too serious lol..I had a bit of blood from me teeth but other than i was ok and scott managed to get me out the shower safely ..thank god lol...
Got a few things to sort this week so hopefully keep me occupied, i have family cards to write and send but hands aren't great(easier on laptop than holding a pen and writing) i have to ring citizens advice about my ESA appeal, the doctors want £120 to write a letter for my appeal, money i have not got.. I have presents to wrap which my BM has kindly offered to help me with and on thurday i have mri on brain and spinal cord, not worried about the procedure, just waiting for the results that drive you insane. The kids break up friday from school for xmas hols, i love having them around, they keep me going, and smiling too.. I am so grateful to have such great kids,partner and BM who are there for me and help me so much, more than they realise sometimes..I am grateful for the friends i have made off Arthritis care they have been a shower of strength and support during my flare over the last few days..The support and understanding from people who know how it is really helps as they cam empathise and know what it is you are actually going through and how it feels.

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