Thursday, 15 December 2011

My flare from hell

I have had a really bad few days, hence why i haven't posted..
Last time i posted i thought my flare was easing, how wrong was i. i woke up on Tuesday feeling awful..Every joint was hurting and every part of my body was in pain and sore. Just touching the door handle to open the door caused me pain, putting my clothes on was ouch ouch ouch all the way, holding anything in my hand something as light as a spoon was a no no, it was as if my whole body was inflamed and on fire, I had pain in ankles, toes, knees,shoulders,elbows,wrists,fingers, back and hips, I hadn't felt like this for a long time, i had taken all the meds i could and was feeling no better at all.I rang doctors and was able to speak to a doctor who said i could go in for a steroid injection. My Bm took me down and from the look i was getting they could tell i was in serious pain and discomfort, the receptionist got on the phone to the doctor and i was seen straight away, doctor even helped me undress and dress again as he saw it was a struggle for me with my hands sore and inflamed, Doctor said this may be painful, i didn't care i was already in so much pain a little prick would not make much difference so he injected the120mg depo steroid into my bum cheek and told me to go home to bed and that i should feel an improvement in the next 24hrs...I was so relieved when i woke yesterday and i wasn't so sore and in as much pain, was great.
 I look back at Tuesday and i realise i was having a bad day a very bad day, not like a normal day with aches and pains and stiffness, i felt the intensity of the pain more so than i have done since earlier on in the year, it is a pain i do not want to experience everyday, it was truly awful..The steroid has worked GREAT, am slowly  getting there, the soreness has died down and i am managing to use my laptop(with breaks in between) and write my blog , so i know i am on the mend, well getting over my flare, i just need to make sure i get over it properly before i start going mad again and running around like a headless chicken, dunno about the running actually but you get my drift? lol There is no way i want to end up like i have been  anytime soon again so fingers crossed the steroids and other meds will keep this flare at bay and i can try and carry on and enjoy christmas with my kids. They hated seeing me like that and i think it scared them a bit and i know Scott was worried too but am hopefully on the right road to recovery and just need to concentrate on me for a while to ensure i stay on track..
Couldn't have got through this flare without the help of my kids, scott, Bm and my cyber buddy C, thank you soooooooo much for being there, at times like this you really need people around to support you and understand and i am so lucky that i had that..
Today i had my MRI on brain and spinal cord, how uncomfortable was that lying on there and not being able to move when you are having pain or getting stiff.. the noise was a lot louder than i thought it was going to be and the tunnel was more claustrophobic than i was expecting i just kept my eyes closed and listened to heart fm radio and was singing the christmas songs in my head, before i knew it it was all done and i was free to go. I am not due to see neurologist until march, but will arrange an appointment with my GP to get the results,, not worrying about it, there is  no point, what will be will be, just wait and see


  1. So sorry your were hurting that bad, but I'm glad there is an improvement now. I hope it keeps up. Pain is no fun, I understand!

  2. Thanks Melissa, fingers crossed it keeps up, as long as i don't overdo it i should be ok lol..x

  3. It is great that your doc worked with you on this flare. I truly hope you find some relief and find a plan that works for you to stay pain free. Gentle hugs.