Thursday, 27 September 2012

I can feel it in my bones..

The cold is on its way, i can feel it in my bones lol.
Woke this morning and my hands are more stiffer than usual, my toes have some pain when bending, my shoulders are achy and so is back..Don't get me wrong i am not in loads of pain, but uncomfortable enough to notice that this damp chilly weather is playing a part in aggravating Arther..
2 weeks ago i started doing some glossing on stairs, as sun was shining and i was feeling good, since doing that i have not been able to finish the job as my hands and wrists have not been great, and i just didn't want to aggravate my hands so that i had a full blown flare. The masking tape is still on the stairs and around door frames,, not the best sight lol. I have my new bf coming down to see me next weekend, and i wanted everything perfect, not convinced things will be perfect lol, I know i have tried, its just frustrating i cant finish.. grrr. I have pre warned him and he is fine about it. I soooo hope that next weekend when he is here that i am ok,, but then in the same breathe if i am not he will see how i can be too. My aids will still be on show as i have nothing to be ashamed of, its all part of me and my life.I know he will be ok with things,, i do have the odd niggle at the back of my head some days thinking shall i put some things away, but then the positive strong part of me leaps out and says NOOO, he likes you for you and should see things just as they are..
This morning i am having a lazy morning chilling in bed, keeping warm and resting till i feel better and more energy to get up and get doing the housework, am in no rush, i mean i have all day lol.. Am listening to my body, that's my excuse lol..

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