Wednesday, 26 September 2012

It's been a while

It has been a while since i wrote my blog, i apologise to those who read regularly. I have had a lot going on at home again and my focus has been elsewhere.
Good news is i have had a real great run. I have had about 6 weeks of pure bliss where my crutches were hardly used at all. Yeah i had a few bad days, but it has been sooooo nice to be able to do things with the kids and go out. I have had a trip to Nottingham with my Friend C and even had a trip to London and visited a museum. I think the warm weather has helped with the osteo in my hips, back and knees. I am feeling happy in myself, i have a lot of good and positive things going on in my life at the moment and i also believe that has helped with how i am feeling.
I have met a great guy, who knows all about my ups and downs and i made him read my blog so that he can be aware of how things are for me. That didn't phase him and he is still about lol.
Winning my esa and having my money paid correctly is also making my life so much easier and one less thing for me to worry about.
My support worker filled in my DLA forms which were sent in august 16th, am still waiting for a reply from them, they say no news is good news, but we shall see lol.
The kids are doing well at school and my daughter is in her last year, which is scary, but they both seem more settled this year and both doing extremely well.
I saw Rheumatologist last week who wants me to continue as i am with my meds and will see me again in 6 months. If in the meantime i have a flare or swelling i am to go to doctor for blood test to check for inflammation. Was only a quick chat, but because i had been ok for a while i didn't really have anything to moan about lol. Yes i still wake up stiff every morning and yes i still have to sit and take meds in morning before the pain eases and yes i still get pain everyday but things have been a lot more manageable and i am happy. Happy happy happy lol.

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