Friday, 20 July 2012

Who would have thought simple exercises could be so hard

Been a busy few weeks with lots of people coming and going.
I have had a carer come in early mornings to assist with showering and dressing.. Then a carer coming in the afternoon to do exercises with me..
The morning routine has been a great help.. I have now been shown how to get into the bath safeley(without falling flat on my arse lol). how to dry myself without bending down and how to dress myself with what they call a grabber.. The grabber is hard work and takes some serious getting used to,, was there for ages yesterday trying to pull up my trousers while using the grabber, took me a good few minutes but saved me bending down lol..
The exercises have been tough.. All to do with strengthening my muscles..The exercises are to be done from lying down on my bed.
The first week consisted of some gentle exercises, such as bum clenching for 30 seconds(5x), lifting each leg up slightly and holding for 5 secs,(5x) Bending my knee up and back down again (5x).. over a few days i have increased some of them up to 10..I have felt very tired after the exercises but have continued to push myself as i am prepared to try and do anything to help especially if it is going to better my life..
Over the weekend i have been given some extra exercises which have been tough and have left me in the position i am now which is hardly being able to walk due to pain in my hips, mainly my left..The extra exercises were, Knees bent(from lying position) then let one knee go to the side as far as i can then back again(5x) this i thought would be the worst one, but was actually not to bad, as i could control how far i wanted my leg to go. The other on was again knees bent up and lifting my pelvis up and then back down(3x), this was tough but great for my hips,,, now the one that has knocked me about actually sounds really easy but it has been the one that has done the most damage. Lay on side with knee bent and other leg straight then raising straight leg 5 times..Lying on my side is difficult as it is especially straight lol, but the raising of the leg just didnt agree with my hips and has buggered me up.I had to cancel carers on wednesday as could hardly walk and was going to cancel yesterday aswell but i wanted a shower and i knew i could get help with the carer here.. I explained to her why i cancelled and how things were, she said it wasnt a problem and knew that i was cancelling for a good reason, not just because i can't be bothered. So she spoke to the office and they have suggested that they alternate the days of showering and exercising. So today i am not having a morning carer but will have them come out in the afternoon for exercises and morning shower tomorrow,,this will hopefully make things a little easier for my body well my hips and not put so much pressure on me..We shall see..
I have woken this morning and my hips do feel a little better but am still in need of walking round with crutches and having no free hands,, bloody hard and annoying lol.. but least the crutches keep me upright and not flat on my arse lol..
Had my support worker come round yesterday to help with filling out my DLA form. He is doing it for me, saves my hands and together we are trying to do it..we got half way through and are continuing Tuesday to hopefully finish off. Again i am not holding out much hope but you don't know unless you try , and you never know it may be third time lucky lol..
My ESA that i won at 22nd June has still not been sorted, i am still on assessment rate and have had no paperwork or acknowledgement from them.. I have rang and been told it can take a few weeks to sort, .. I f owed them money they would be on my back constantly lol.. Be interesting to see how long it does take..
Some of you may have read in previous post that i am now on my own with the children, i just wanted to share that i am getting on fine now and between the kids and i we have a good routine set up and we work together to get things done.. The cleaning is done on a rota(not that the kids always stick to it lol) and the cooking is done with my son and i working together.. At first i thought it was going to be a great struggle, but being independent has definitely boosted my confidence and making me smile even more..
So at the moment apart from my arthritis,  fibromyalgia, nerve problems and ear problems, lol life is good and i remain positive for the future...

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