Monday, 2 July 2012

Making life easier

Today is a good day. Am relieved that my hips have eased and i can walk, woo hoo lol.

I had a visit from the lady from the personal independent team today. She brought with her a few gadgets/aids for me to try and see how i got on with them.
 First was an aid to help me put my socks on as you can see it doesn't look like much and too be honest probably doesn't even look like it will work but it does.  3 easy steps an wallah socks are on.
The sock aid

Place sock on

Place foot inside

Slide the aid off your foot

I also received a sponge on a stick to reach all the places i cant lol

Something to dry in between my toes.

I received a raised toilet seat which has been fitted and the difference is unbelievable, something so small can make so much difference and make my life easier.
The people who have been helping me are amazing and they have made my life better and easier for me, and i suppose more independent, no more relying on others so much.. 
I know some people feel funny about using aids etc, but i just wanted to say even though i am 32 and never thought i would be in this position 3 yrs ago, now i am, i know that anything that can help me, also helps my kids too and i am happy for all the aids i have received and will be using them all the time.
If anyone worries about using aids then please don't, if it makes your life easier who cares what others think, we have enough to deal with as it is without worrying about what people think..             

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