Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A positive step forward

Yesterday i met my support worker for the first time. He was such a friendly, laid back kind of guy and has had experience of a disability due to a motorbike accident so was fully aware of  the difficulties that people can face.
He had put together a support plan from the information that was provided by me in my initial assessment and together we went through it, discussing each need.
Here are the list of the things he is going to help me with:

  • Applying for DLA
  • Chasing up OT referral for a downstairs bathroom
  • Installing lifeline (This was installed today, i have a bracelet that i wear which has a button on, if i have an accident/fall and need help and assistance then i press the red button, this sends a call to the office who then speak to me to see what the situation is. This is going to be so beneficial for me and make me feel safer, but also for my children who will be able to go to school/out without worrying that i am going to have an accident and not have anyone to help me. I am so grateful)
  • Having the personal Independence team coming in my home for 6 weeks learning me and showing me new skills for independent living. 
  • Putting me in touch with the young carers association so that my 2 children can have rest bites and talk to other children in similar situations.
  • Seeing if he can get me any help with either a mobility scooter or wheelchair enabling me to go out on days when i am unable to use my crutches.

All the above is a great help and i am really appreciative of every bit of information and help that i am receiving. It has lifted my spirits and is definitely a positive step forward in the right direction

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