Monday, 28 May 2012

My needs assessment

This afternoon i was visited by 2 lovely ladies to do a needs assessment on me.If it wasn't for my friend J i would never had done this myself as it is hard to think that you may need help. I am so glad i did.
They asked me various questions about my day to day living and what i find hard and what i struggle with.
I explained that at the moment my difficulties are in the kitchen, cooking and preparing meals, getting in and out the bath and getting out the house socially.
They have a few ideas in mind to help and support me, if certain things can be done then it will help a great deal  and give me some independance back.
The other thing i am really excited about is they mentioned an organisation called the young carers association which is a group that my children could go to, talk and share with other kids in the same situation that understand. That would be such a great suppport for them. Its important that they have a normal life like other kids and not feel so much pressure to help and care for me.
So all in all a positive day, a day where things are going forward...

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