Monday, 28 May 2012

The wonderer has returned...

I have been AWOL for a few months due to personal reasons and i am sorry i vanished without reason so to speak, but now i am back and can maybe fill you in on the past few months on how things have been and what progress has been made if any...
Last time i posted i was seeing neurologist for my nerve problems, since then i have had a nerve conductivity test and am awaiting the results for them.Glad to say the MRI on brain and spinal cord was clear too, so that was a huge relief.
Last week i went and saw my new Rheumatologist at my local hospital.He is basically starting from scratch as he had no notes of any test results bloods or anything which is not good,. I had X-rays of hands, chest,pelvis and feet, more bloods and am due to see him in 3 months. He wanted me to stop steroid injections immediately as he wants to see me flare. I suppose he wants to see how my hands swell etc so he has said if that happens in the meantime i am too ring and he will get me in so he can see for himself. Am quite confident with how he is doing things so all is good on that front, i dont want to rely on steroids as i know it is not the best drug to take Although it does work miracles so to speak...I did mention to Rheumy about Fibromyalgia (neurologist mentioned it to me) he said i have some of the pressure points associated with it and suspected that if i was in full flare then i would have most of them. He said Fibromyalgia is the same as chronic pain syndrome just a different word, well when i went to see rheumy at the beginning over 18 months ago he said i had CPS so does that mean i have Fibromyalgia?? It never straight forward, it would be so much easier if the docs could all use the same terms, then i would know where im at lol..
Today i am having a needs assesment done. I am having 2 people come round to see me and ask me about my day to day living and to see if they can provide any help or assistance. Now my partner is no longer living with me things are alot more difficult and i hate having to rely and ask the kids to help me. I am a bit nervous as no-one ever like to admit or even think that they need help, but realistically any kind of added support would be great not just for me but for my children too, so as they say, every little bit helps...I will post and let you know how it goes.

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