Monday, 6 February 2012

A productive day

Today i had a 20 min appointment booked with my GP.This was so i could discuss a letter for my ESA appeal, and how things are currently going for me..

I explained about everything that was going on with ESA, my cab advisor and the letter regarding the £120 charge, she asked me what the cab advisor needed, said i wasnt 100% sure but that he had sent a letter explaining,she could not find the letter on the system, but  said she thought it would ask what health problems i have, how it affects me and my limitations. she would discuss the situation with the surgery manager and providing there wasnt any problems she would send a letter to my cab advisor stating the information required..The letter will be a great help in supporting my appeal

Talked about my flares and how they are becoming closer together and she believes it may be time for me to try an alternative disease modifying drug and has agreed she would refer me to a new rheumy who is also closer to me.. yippee lol, she is also  sending a copy of  my pain map explaining the reason for referral, she said it could take a while but it would be sooner than my original appointment set for

I asked wether this is how i am going to be now for rest of my life taking all theses pills and being a yo yo in regards to pain and emotions..? She said she was sorry to say but yes, its her job as my doctor  to help control my pain and it will be a rheumatologist job to control the arthritis..

I asked if i was to have an accurate diagnosis of knowing exactly what type of inflammatory arthritis i had, would it help with  improving my condition,? she said no as all inflammatory arthritis's are treated with the same kind of meds..

She has taken me off diclo and put me on 500mg naproxen twice a day, apperently it is used specifically for inflammatory arthritis and osteo,  why didnt they put me on it sooner ?lol..

Regarding all my weird goings on with me legs and twitching etc she said it was my nerves and it may be that they know it is a nerve problem but are unable to find out exactly what it  is but it can be treated with nerve tablets to keep it under control.. i am to continue on the dose i am on for next few weeks and if it is still a problem she wants me to go back..

So all in all a productive day and a positive step forward..

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