Saturday, 18 February 2012

Am yo yo-ing again..

After my good run and then going downhill again i have since felt myself getting a bit better, and even managed to go out on thursday, which was great, so glad i pushed myself to go and i went, but again it has knocked me about and my backs and hips are in full motion of making my life difficult again.. oh the joys of arther..
This pain and achyness in my back is really grinding my gears, It makes life so awkward, getting about and doing things is such a mission..I walk and my back feels like it twists,grinds and screeches lol..
Sitting on my bum can get a bit tedious at times, but what choice do i?? not alot eh??
As i said before my laptop is my new best friend lol, it is who i spend most of my time with, it is who i share all my feelings and emotions with and it is who i talk with and cry with and to occupy myself with. where would i be without my laptop, ?? climbing the walls?? i wish lol..
My plans for the day are to sit on the sofa surrounded by cushions and hot water bottles, staying topped up on meds and be with my new best friend lol..What else can i do????

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