Monday, 20 February 2012

Dont feel too bad this morning

This morning i woke and was able to get up and out of bed without too much trouble. The kids were back at school so there was no chance of a 10 and half hrs sleep like yesterday lol..
Once i have woken and walk about a bit i normally know what is ache, pain or niggling joint is going to be joining me for the day..
My back is still throbbing,heavy and achy. but not as bad as it has been, my hips are no longer clicking when i walk so that is an added bonus lol.. My wrists and fingers do not feel great(they haven't for a long time lol) and my right knee is dropping a few sharp digs in there, obviously been feeling a bit left out lately lol..Fingers are still stiff this morning although i been awake for 2 hours..Looks like a soak in some warm water and pretend i am playing the piano for a bit, get them moving properly again...
Other than that i feeling ok so far this morning, lets see what the rest of the day brings.

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