Thursday, 26 January 2012

Worked out a pattern for my flare

Since writing my blog, which i suppose is a bit like my online diary i have now come to learn the signs of when a flare of my hands,wrists,ankles and elbows is about to happen.
2 days ago, i woke feeling cold and shivery and very tired, i knew something was going or going to happen, wasn't sure if it was a virus or something..
By the afternoon, i felt extremely weak,tired and my hands,elbows,wrists and ankles were giving me sharp pains.
Around 9pm my hands were swollen and i felt like crying, but with being supermom/woman lol it wasn't possible,,,I had taken all relevant meds, applied deep heat, soaked them in warm water etc..By midnight things had eased and was able to get too sleep.
Yesterday again i woke feeling like i hadn't slept and my eyes were very heavy,body felt sore and hands were swollen,,not loads, but am unable to do a fist with my hands..Throughout the day i dozed on and off while having my hands tucked tightly under my armpits and thermal gloves on, trying to keep them warm and help with the sharp pains ...I had no appetite and was forcing myself to eat just a little bit so i could take tablets..
Pain did ease off but i could actually feel the swelling in my hands, kind of pulsating, trying to break through..I am so glad i have had the steroid injection otherwise i would have been climbing the walls..
This morning i do feel better, hands still swollen but minimal pain, my body still feels sore and tired and my right knee throbbing, but all in all i do feel better today so that a positive thing..
By looking back and remembering things i now know that my flare starts with me going cold and weak and very tired...I am glad that now i will be able to identify a flare in my hands etc when it starts now, not that i can change it or anything but at least it is a pattern and something i will learn to recognise..
Have decided to mention it to my GP and see if i can be referred to a local rheumy for a fresh pair of eyes, as my hand flares are becoming a lot more close together recently which makes me think along with the advice of C that i shouldn't be suffering like this and maybe more needs to be done..


  1. Hi Trace,
    Have you thought about keeping a diary of what you eat each day? I know it sounds a bit irrelevant, but I was talking about C's condition with our CBT therapist at work yesterday, and she said that there are studies to suggest that certain foods can trigger flares. Hope this helps. Luv, J. xx

  2. I suppose it is worth a shot, off the top of my head nothing springs to mind, but then looking at it on paper is 2 different things as i found out myself today lol...xx