Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Busy morning for a change lol

So far today i have managed to achieve quite a lot, well its a lot for me lol
Went to doctors this morning, was able to use sticks rather than crutches as my knee has eased up.. The trek to the bus stop is such a mission, had to stop 3 times on the way, bloody hard work,,,I know people were looking at me and thinking various things,, i reckon in future i am going to say"did you know it is rude to stare" that should make them turn
I can understand why people stare though, i mean i am 32 and don't really look old and i am not old fashioned when it comes to my dress sense too so to them seeing me with walking sticks probably does look weird,, I myself if i saw someone like me would look, then turn away, i would not stare, but then we are all different, so hey ho lol..
Anyway finally managed to get to doctors..Spoke about how i was getting on etc.. She has prescribed me with some gel to help with my dry mouth..This dry mouth malarkey is a pain in the bum, no matter how much water you drink it is still there lol, so i hoping this may help,, also had series of bloods done to check how i am getting on with the Hydroxychloroquine and the neurologist wanted a specific blood done to check for p...... cell, i cant even remember the word just that it starts with P lol..
Went to chemist and the Gel needs to be ordered in so that is being delivered tom, so shall see how i get on with it..
When i finally got home i rang Occupational Therapy.. i needed to get in touch with them to ask about a step and a grab rail to be put outside front door, it will make my life so much easier..Also i want to ask if she can give me a supporting letter towards my ESA appeal to which i still have no date..
So for me that was a busy morning and even managed a game of scrabble with C while looking after my son who is poorly..
I am now feeling tired and can feel the busy morning is taking affect on me, luckily scott is back from work so all i need to do is listen to my body and rest..


  1. Ah I'm so excited to have found your blog from the Arthritis Care website. I started a blog last year about JIA and pregnancy and have found it quite therapeutic!! I'm happy to put a link from my blog to yours if you like? And maybe you could do it for me on your blog. I really want to be able to help people in our position. x

  2. Thanks.. it certainly helps to offload how you are feeling ,, have added your link on my page..

  3. Thank you! I'll put yours on mine too :-)