Thursday, 26 January 2012

Now something else joined in the flare

By this afternoon I did feel better but not great. I knew I needed to go take my daughter out and use crutches but was wondering how cause of my hands. . I had no choice but to do it though. . My back and hips were aching with sharp uncomfortable pains every now and again, and my right knee was beginning to throb. . I was feeling pain in wrists and shoulders while walking, was hard work and had to stop a few times.
On the way home I started feeling really weak and heavy, although it was cold I was feeling different kind of cold. . When I got in I wanted to cry. . I ran a bath, I needed to get warm and feel the warmth on my joints. . By the time I got in to bed my right knee was so painful, feeling like the pain was trying to breakthrough. . My back and hips playing up to. .
So yep I feel crap and even had a wee cry. . Things have settled a bit now so hoping I manage to get some kip. .

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