Thursday, 5 January 2012

One of them days..

Woke this morning with my knees and ankles throbbing, great one i thought..
Hobbled and got the kids sorted and decided with the help of my cyber buddy C that today was going to be the day i would sort a few things out and tie up any loose ends.Before i did this though a trek to the shop was in order so i could get some milk for my cuppa and cereals. The wind was howling and it was cold, so wrapped up with walking sticks in tow, as i went out the back door i noticed that 3 of the fence panels and fell down, great i thought, i have 3 dogs and a neighbour that can't stand them. I am unable to take them for a walk to take them to the toilet in case they pull me over what the dickens am i going to do, so before i went to shop i rang up council who told me it would be 6-8weeks for it to be repaired, what a joke??? There was no way i was going to be able to attempt to have a go, just over a yr ago yes it would be no problem but now a days i have no chance so it is a job for Scott to try and do when he gets home..
After the fence palaver i struggled to the shop, boy did it hurt, i had to stop a few times and hold on to things to ensure i didn't fall with the help of the blasted Gail force winds..Took me 45 mins to get there and back from shop a trip that would take 15 mins at most..Some days i just wish i could do the things i was able too, i would have sprinted to the shop with the help of the wind behind me, i do miss them days..
Anyway shop trip done and kettle was on so thought i would contact my doctors secretary regarding a fee they want to help with my ESA appeal..Citizens advice wrote to my doctors to ask for a supporting letter to help with my appeal, doctor wrote back saying this would be possible for a fee of £120...OMG i thought why do i have to pay that much money for a doctor to say what is wrong with me. When ESA or DLA write to my doctor it doesn't cost a thing so why such a high fee?? I have rang and spoke to doctors secretary explaining the situation, unfortunately the lady i need to talk to is unavailable so will have to wait for a phone call back..
I feel as if my head is about to explode., a long with dealing with my health and day to day living i am having to get a case together for my appeal to explain why i am not fit for work at the moment, which has been going on for nearly a year and to which i still have no actual date set. I know there are people who can be lazy and don't want to work.. I have worked all my life and would love to work again but i just feel i do not have my situation under control enough for me to be able to commit to a job, but then i hear other peoples stories and i think well they can do it so why can't i...???
I reckon i am definitely in one today, time to wusaaahhh lol and calm down, put my feet up with a nice cuppa and start this day all over again lol..


  1. Tracy, If you could work you would,You are not like one of those wasters, I could not do what i do if I had to do it for more than 2 days, and its only coz i sit on my backside all day I can.
    You are entitled to a lot more than you are getting, and if it comes to it there are charities that will help with the cost of this letter, wont name site on here or may get some of those layabouts who are lazy applying.

    Will mail ya if you need info, just gotta get head into working mode so can think what it is called. Think ive got a med fog today. helpfull NOT

  2. Will get there,, just another hurdle to cross.. lol..