Sunday, 1 January 2012

Not the best start to New Year..

While lots of  were out celebrating last night and woke with a hangover this morning , i was one of the lucky ones, no hangover for me.Ironically i would have preferred the night out and hangover than the way i feeling now lol. Can i not swap? , free of charge lol...
Yesterday while feeling rough anyway because of my cold i started getting a niggling pain travelling it's way around my body attaching itself to my ankles, elbows and more so my knees..The best way to describe it was like a scurry of ants far away behind my bones gnawing away trying to get closer, i can actually feel the build up of the pain trying to get through, so bizarre..By midnight last night the ants managed to gnaw it's way through to a point in putting pressure on my knees was very painful, i managed to get myself into bed and lay there thinking great one lol..I managed to doze off sometime after 2am, woke again at 3 so on and so on..So not the best sleep as you can imagine..
Today i have had to use my crutches and slide my bum down the stairs to save any weight on my knees, I suggested earlier i should have got the sledge out the loft and used it to get down the stairs, C thought it was a great idea, one to be shared on Youtube lol, Scott was less impressed lol, so that idea went out the window..
I was determined not to spend another day in bed and would manage the stairs if i had to just so i could have my family around me so thats what i did, put my fett up on the sofa with hot water bottle on my knees and watched some shocking tv lol.
It does get very annoying when not been able to move, if you want something you have to ask someone to get it(unless you can carry it in your mouth lol) and i hate having to keep asking so will often sit silent, i think they already do so much for me i don't want to be throwing orders about lol..
Anyway i am seeing through the day, and i am still smiling,.. through gritted teeth at times, but the smile is still there..XX

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  1. I'm sorry you're having a rough day with this stupid disease. Praying you feel better soon.