Friday, 27 January 2012

Admitting defeat

Sleep was disturbed due to pain in knee so it is no surprise i have woken feeling like i haven't slept again..
My back and hips are not too bad at the moment, but i think that is due to the fact i haven't moved around much due to my knee..
Am having to cancel an appointment today as i am unable to get there due to the pain and being so uncomfortable, am really hacked off at how arther has a hold over me at times and stops me from doing things. We often say we will not let it get us down and stop us in our tracks but sometimes we have to admit defeat, and today is one of those days unfortunately.
Looks like my day will be a day of sitting on my bum with legs up, what a great day i have in store eh??rest rest and more bloody rest..Thanks Arther

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