Saturday, 31 December 2011

Christmas and Arthritis

This time last year i had only had my symptoms for a few months and it wasn't as it is now so christmas was the same as most years really, lots of hustle and bustle, running here there and everywhere, lots of dancing and prancing, getting drunk and being merry and having a right old good time.
This year i am not gonna lie it has been tough and easy in some parts too, The easiest being doing my christmas shopping on line, the only effort being opening the front door lol, the hardest is trying to act normal when it clearly isn't lol..
My cyber buddy C sent me a lovely card and some glitzy bits to jazz up my sticks, was so much fun doing it i had the kids help me too, now i can walk in style lol.

I am usually the life and soul of christmas getting everyone in the christmas spirit, don't get me wrong i got the christmas films on and the music playing, but there was no rocking around the christmas tree for me lol..
I did go out thursday before christmas and had 1 drink too many that tipped me over the edge, my mind is a complete blank and i was throwing up all day the next day, my own fault, tablets and drink do not mix and i shall not being doing it again, but yeah that was my highlight, being drunk made me able to have a dance and fall over without even feeling the pain, but the after effects are def not worth it..
Christmas day i felt ok, went to scotts mom's, i did a lot of standing, much more than i normally would and i even washed up woo hoo, well had a go lol, by 7 i was totally worn out and back home, not normally like me, but it was a lovely day and the dinner was the best, i don't think the kids wanted it to be over, but i know my body did lol..
I wanted to go and see my niece and nephews but they have been poorly with chest infection etc so i didn't want to catch anything. The steroids suppress the immune system making you more susceptible to catch anything. Well i could have gone because now i have caught a blasted cold and boy has it knocked me about.
It's not like i can get up and carry on as normal, my body is weak, very weak, my bones/joints feel sore and i generally feel rough, who'd have thought a cold would knock you for six like this..It is never an easy road is it?? lol..Well my plans for new year seem to be well and truly out of the window, wanted to celebrate with lisa, the kids and my brood but looks like i shall be having NYE on my own , me the dogs and the tv remote..I shall be awake at 12 i am every night so the kids and scott can ring me to wish me a Happy new year..
Just another reminder how this blasted disease affects us, but today is the last day of 2011, lets see what 2012 shall bring,,, onwards and upwards i say, i shall keep fighting and remain as positive as i can. I have 2 beautiful children, a great partner, my best buddy lisa, my niece and nephews and my cyber buddy C what more could a girl ask for..Lets bring on 2012...
Happy new year folks..xxxxx

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  1. Thanks for the post into how it is in a day in a life T.
    The first year I hopr is the hardest for you and you have a fab year in 2012.

    Thanks for your support over the past few months since knowing you. Youa are a rock.xx