Friday, 13 January 2012

A new body please? lol

A new body?? Well i know i can't have a new body but some new hips, new knees etc would be great lol..Unfortunately i am in the mild stages and i am way too young so i have a long way to go before i am even considered for some new parts..Does this mean i will be like this for the next 20+ yrs till i get some new parts?? Looking at like that seems quite scary, i mean i am in mild stages now and it bloody hurts, walking,sitting moving etc..I mean i am sat here surrounded by hot water bottles and cushions and it still hurts, when i walk to the bathroom my hips click i can feel the bone as if it is coming out then going back in..
When i am like this it is so hard to get about and do things, the kids are now at school and scott is at work. I want a nice soak but i am scared to get in the bath the way i feel now so it is the safest option to wait till scott gets back, just incase of any accidents..I have enough milk for one cuppa, and i know at the moment i cannot consider going to the shop, not possible the way i am feeling. I have only ventured out of the bedroom to the bathroom and that hurt!!!! hoping meds do something soon as i want to have wash, get changed and go downstairs, hate sitting in bed all day,makes me feel so lazy even though i know it can't be helped.. I have no bathroom downstairs so if i need the loo, on days like this i have to struggle to get up and down which can be very difficult..
Am off now to try and freshen up, get moving a bit and see if that eases things..fingers crossed..x

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