Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Changes to make my life easier

Well i managed to get some sleep last night, which was good, i wasn't expecting to get much due to the pain and how uncomfortable i was yesterday, but it makes the next day easier if you have had some kip.
Woke this morning with usual stiffness, but my back and hips do not feel as painful as they did yesterday, don't get me wrong moving about is still very painful but not as intense as it was yesterday. I still have the pains in ankles and knees but again not as bad as it was..
It is such a struggle to get comfortable when your back and hips are playing up which for me is everyday lol.if only i could think of some great contraption to help, no chance of that eh??
Everything i do wears me out so quickly on days like this(most days lol) having a wash,brushing my teeth, getting changed, doing my hair(well trying to lol) things that people take for granted and can do in ten minutes takes me around an hour sometimes longer if i have to rest in between.On days when my daughter is about she will often help with my hair and that and my Oh (if he is not at work) will help with getting changed.
I have managed to change some things to help me to make things easier for me, I no longer wear tops with buttons, i have brought myself loose fitting clothes that i can easily slip on over my head and put my arms through without too much of a problem, My bottoms are anything that i can just pull up and put on, gone are my jeans and trousers with buttons, they were just to difficult with my hands to pull up and do up, slip ons are so much easier.
My shoe cupboard now consists of flat slip on shoes and slip on boots, no effort is required to put them on lol, i have saved some high heels incase i can miraculously wear them again one day(that would be so nice). My hair is at a length that i can just put a bobble in without it hurting my arms etc
I do miss some of my clothes and funky things i used to wear i feel like i have i have lost my spark in my outfits but i have learnt that i need to make my life easier for me as it is already a daily struggle without worrying about wether i look good and up to date with the latest fashion, now i do sound old lol...

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