Monday, 16 January 2012

Knee bloody hurts

It's 5am and I have had so far about 2hrs sleep. Thanks to my lovely knee.
Yesterday I went to get up the step, pushing myself up off the right  knee, well as I done it the pain shot through me and I instantly knew I had done something, throughout the rest of the day it was hurting but ok if that makes sense lol, so as long as I didn't apply weight I should be ok.
Managed to drift off about 12, woke just after one yelping in pain. Boy did my knee hurt. . Lay for ages trying to distract myself from the pain and tried to get back to sleep. I dozed on and off till 4, and have been awake since.
Got myself down the stairs to take some tablets, do hot water bottle and cup of tea.
Both knees are hurting but my right is much worse. . It is swollen and the pain is throbbing as well as sharp. .
I know it's bad as I hardly ever get woken by knee pain.. This bloody hurts. .
Am now waiting for pain to ease so I can try get some sleep. . .
Am going to try get comfy, well as comfy as I can be see if I can get a bit of shut eye. . .

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