Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Pain has got to me this morning

I am posting as i need to let out how i am feeling before i explode..No-one around for me to let off steam too so the next best thing is my blog..
Last night i was getting sharp pains in my ankles and knees, but it was coming and going so just rubbed on some deep heat stayed on top of my meds and hoped for the best..My back and hips were aching too but nothing to major..
This morning i have woke and i am feeling the pain..Ankles are throbbing and i feel like the sharp pains are eating away at me,same goes for my knees..My back and hips are heavy and sore with each move. I have managed to go downstairs and do myself a hot water bottle and am now in bed trying to compose myself and keep it together..
Looks like i shall be doing my breathing techniques soon of imagining pushing the pain out from my head through my toes , just so i can try and gain some control over the pain rather than it control me..
It is never easy this bloody game, hits you right where it bloody hurts and grinds them gears down..Am off to try and stop my gears from grinding down any further, fingers crossed it works as i don't fancy feeling like this all day..


  1. It can be really hard some days, to deal with the pain. I'm really sore today too and I'm completely useless at work.

    It gets better and worse, but the better times make it worthwhile.

  2. I agree, the better days really lift my spirits and keeps me going..
    Hope you feel better soon..