Friday, 2 December 2011

You know your not the same as you once were when....

You start polishing and you hand starts aching from just doing the fireplace,
Putting up the Christmas tree used to be easy when putting all the branches right, but now it ends up taking longer than necessary with hand breaks in between,
You can make 4 cups of tea(using kettle tipper) but can only carry one at a time,
You start to wash a few cups in the sink only to have to grab the stool to sit down as you are unable to stay stood on your feet.
Running up and down the stairs is now a thing of the past, it's either one foot at a time or slide down on my bum lol.

These are just a few, but i am unable to think of anymore at the mo, brain has froze..again lol
.Been a hard day and now i have gone and overdone it again, as you do lol..
Bathroom is finally finished woo ho looks great and will be so much easier for me and for Scott lol.Was able to get on the bathboard, press a button and the shower was on, was great and the new grab rails enabled me to get out the bath without leaning on the sink lol The sink will now be safe from falling off the wall lol..
The dust in my house was everywhere so me being me decided i would start cleaning it up even though the plan was we all do it tomorrow, but no i thought I'd be clever and start..Trouble was i didn't just start in one room i went in another room and done a bit there too, so i had started in each room so then felt i had to do it all.. stupid me..As soon as i started i knew it wasn't a great idea, my back and hips were throbbing and very step i took my hip clicked ouch....up and down the stairs was a mission(i really do not know why i put myself through things sometimes lol, i am mad) as it is one step at a time because of my knees, ,,my hands were aching and started having them horrible sharp pains, so a few times i stopped for hand breaks lol, but kept pushing forward.Scott come home from work and went shopping and my daughter offered to finish the upstairs for me bless..
Am now finally sat down have done a bot of on line shopping and got myself some new bits for the bathroom.
Hands are going stiff and swelling, it's me doing too much talking lol, so am signing off for now..Lets see if i have any repercussions of today?? we shall see lol..xx

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