Friday, 2 December 2011

Early rise

Early rise for me this morning. Half 6 the Alarm went off, felt like i had only been asleep for a short while.
Told Scott to leave light on, that way the bright light should enable to wake up or shut my eyes to avoid the bright lights lol..Dozed off for another ten minutes and thought i need to move..Was stiff this morning so did some small exercises to get me joints and blood moving around. One hand wasn't good enough to pull myself up so tried with both hands and was successful yippee lol..Tablets taken and a slow manoeuvre down the stairs to do kids porridge and a nice cuppa., once done i sat me butt down. Am aching as usual and a few sharp twinges are appearing here and there but nothing to's been worse lol.
Anyway shower is done now .. woo hoo...Now the question is do i attempt to get in before Scott's back from work or do i wait?? decisions decisions lol.. I am sure with me sitting on bath board using the shower there is no way that i can slip or fall and cause damage to myself!!! is there??? lol

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