Saturday, 3 December 2011

Payback is a beep beep !!!!

This morning i woke and couldn't move, i was lay flat on back, felt like someone had frozen me in the night.
Great i thought how long am i going to lay here for.I tried to move myself, but i felt like i was stuck with bloody superglue..Son woke up and popped his head round the door to see if i was awake.. yes i am awake but stuck lol, so he helped me sit up, him pulling on one arm and me yanking myself up with bed rail, crunch crunch crunch and ouch lol, i tried standing up but that was a no no, my son got my crutches and i managed to get to the toilet and back without falling ,,got back in bed and daughter brought me up a cuppa, i am lucky to have 2 great kids.
Scott was up town getting my bits from argos and is now back putting it all together for me..bless
Am going to stay in bed for a while, wait for meds to kick in, then attempt to do xmas tree while sat on my butt, lets see how that goes lol..

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