Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Yo yo of emotions..

I am so happy that i have woken up feeling more my perky self, although my sleep wasn't great i can cope with the hours i have had. it's enough to keep me going for the day anyway lol..
My hand is still swollen, but not as bad, and the pain is less severe so hopefully the flare will pass.I am annoyed though as i wanted to help my BM and mother in law with food for funeral tomorrow, but my bloody hand wouldn't let me, i am just lucky that my BM understands and knows it's not an excuse or just something to say.
I look at how i was yesterday and how i am today and realise that arther is going to be a yo yo of emotions, i shall have many up days and many down days, but it doesn't make me any less of a person., i mean after all i am not superwoman, although be ace if i was..
I think i felt very alone yesterday all though i had support from arther friends, i felt like i needed a mom around to give me a hug and tell me everything is alright, to look after me and support me, but looks like i will have to do with second best lol..You lot..x
Along with dealing with arther and all it's lovely traits that come with it we have to deal with friends that come and go and people who do not understand what life can be like for us, some think they do, but honestly unless you can actually be in the situation i don't think it is fair to comment, there is something called theSpoon theory  it is a great way of explaining to others how hard things can be,..
The friends that have dwindled i do not have the energy to chase no more, if they are concerned they'll bother if not i am happy with the BM i have got and the arther friends i have made through my battle, as i said arthritis is already a yo yo of many things, emotions, pain,friends,work etc we do not need no more added stress, it's tough as it is...


  1. Your blog bought a tear to my eye Traluvie.
    I know how much you need a mum hug as I could do with one too. Its a shame neither of us are able to so here is one for you ((((x))))

    True friends will be there for u whatever and whomever come into their lives or yours. You do not need the ones that only take. your energy needs to be put into keeping you well not worrying what others may think or why they dont see you. At the end of the day you have not changed as a person, its just the invisible illness that gets overlooked.

    We may have only become friendly because of this poxy disease so some good has come of it, and for that i am grateful.
    You give me loads of strength to fight each day with renewed vigour and for that i thank you.

    You are one special lady. Thanks arthur for sending T too me :)

  2. You soppy mare lol.. Thanks for your kind words though, i am glad that i have been able to support you and keep you going you do same for me..
    Suppose arther has done one good thing then.. cheers ears..xx