Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A day full of smiles..

Today even though i haven't been great i have had lots of smiles thanks to people that genuinely care..
I have had my faith stored in human nature lol..
Firstly i heard from my BM, i have missed not speaking to her for few days she is my left arm, without her i'd be lost.
I then had phone call from C together we just rambled lol, but in a good way we were distracting each other so it was a great help and support.
I then spoke to another AC friend, just a general chit chat of asking how each other were, but it was genuine..
Then i needed to pop to shop, 2 minutes up the road one of the workmen who worked in my bathroom last week pulled over and offered me a lift to shop and back. I was so grateful, it was cold brrr lol..
Also been smiling at some messages i have received and the thanks that i have had for helping others..
So all in all an ok day..still in pain and not able to use hand properly but i'm ok lol..Have some pain in hips creeping in but hoping it buggers off very soon lol...

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