Monday, 5 December 2011

Tired sore and grouchy continued.....

What a rotten day..
Too be honest i don't know where to start, it has been a tough day for me today emotionally and painfully.
I try my up most to be strong, keep smiling and be positive and i try to encourage others too, but today arther beat me and struck me hard, ouch ouch ouch..
I had to ask my daughter to help get me changed and put my hair up, i hated asking her, it should be me looking after her, don't get me wrong i know she doesn't mind, but it upset her she told me today she cried when she left the house, that hurt me knowing it had made her sad :-(  
The pain i felt today reminded me of the intensity it was beginning of the year, the pain is awful, i haven't had a flare in hands for a while so maybe i am due one lol..don't know why i lol it's not funny, must be the meds sending me crazy..I have had my max dose of everything today and if i could have More i would just to take the edge off a bit more..
Am still very tired, i did try to doze earlier, went off for about 20 Min's, just couldn't get comfy, couldn't lie on sides again and shooting pains in hands,wrists an elbow were making it impossible to stay asleep.. wonder how i'll sleep tonight?? time will tell....
I must say a huge thank you to my arther friend C who emailed me throughout the day seeing how i was, offering support and chuckles too.. also to bubbadog who rang me and made me smile.. i have spoken to some great people through they have been a great support.
I am feeling more myself as the day draws to an end, the bubbliness is returning, .
My lesson today is that i am not superhuman and it is perfectly normal to have days when arther does get too us but once this little moment is over with i am going to stand up and brush myself off and start again,,,  ;-)

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