Saturday, 3 December 2011

What a long day..

After this morning i really felt like i would be in bed all day but i got up and went downstairs to start the xmas decorations with the kids, this time last year it would have taken us 3 hours tops i'd say, this year it took us 6 hrs, partly because i am so fussy and i like everything perfect but mostly because i am not as fast, my hands aren't great and get achy easy and because i could not walk about properly..It got done thats the main thing and it looks ace, really christmasy and the kids love it..I still have dining room but i physically could not do anymore, no way ho zay lmao...Then i spent next 4 hours shopping online. I hate shopping it drives me mad but saves the trek up town and the countless bags which i would not be able to do..The bag lady would not be possible at all lol..
It's 10 pm and i have just sat down. Tablets i should have taken at 7 i forgot with everything i have been doing , but Clare (whom i have been talking too and has been a great support) sent me an email to remind me,,Thank you Clare sooooo much, although i have taken them 2 hours later it isn't too late, any longer and it would have been too late to take amitritptyline and i would have been up most the night .. so Clare you are my saviour lol..
Am now going to try and unwind take some more tramadol and try get comfy ready for la la land.. Night.x

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  1. I might remind you but i forget to take my own, lol