Sunday, 4 December 2011

Am tired this morning.

I must have dozed off last night around 1. It was a mission trying to get comfortable. Laying on either side hurt my hips and i was worried about sleeping on my back in case i became frozen stiff again and unable to move. I came up with a solution, (see i may be blond but i can think sometimes lol.).I put a cushion underneath my hip so it was supporting my side without me lying directly on it and bravo it worked..yippee lol
Woke up this morning very tired, feel like i could sleep all day, but that's just part the parcel of arther..My back and hips don't feel too bad, i have some pain in writs and elbows, that's due to too much repetitive movement yesterday doing xmas decs.
Not sure if i will be able to do  the rest today as i have the delightful job of putting lights all the way down the stairs and in dining room, I know before i even start i will not be able to push drawing pins in the wall. Scott is at football and my daughter is off out so my son and i have got no chance lol, might have to sweet talk the other half and see if he will do it later when he's
Am bit of a lazy bum this morning. am still sat in bed, just resting before i attempt to get up and face the difficulty of getting ready.Wish it took me ten minutes like it used too lol..No housework to attempt as Scott has done it all and prepared the Sunday roast, we'd be living off micro meals if it wasn't for Scott he is my saviour really i just don't like to tell him that otherwise he'd get a big head lol..
Right i better get my bum out of bed, been sat here far too long lol..See what wondrous delights my son has in store for me today..

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