Thursday, 1 December 2011

The trek up town

Have just got back from town..Boy could i sleep now  lol..It was bloody hard work but i kept going lol.
Was great to get out the house and have a good old chin wag with me BM..determination kept me going..
I do feel rough now,aching all over, could quite easily curl up in bed and go to sleep, but i'm not. The kids will be home from school soon, i will be entertained when they arrive back lol, they will certainly keep me going ..
Have just took some tablets so i should be feeling a bit better soon, enough to take the edge away, i'm happy with that lol.
The crazy thing is i went up town to get xmas stuff and ended up by crap lol, incense sticks, tea towels, milk, etc..The xmas decs were rubbish, were not impressed at all, i was looking for something jazzy to decorate me sticks lol, might just do red tinsel or something to wrap round, look nice and christmasy then, not that it goes outdoors much lol, but the thought is there..Any ideas comment below, my brain has moments where it frezzes and everything is a blank, i blame me tablets lol..
Although i'm feeling rough i'm so chuffed my new bathroom is nearly done..Although the workmen took there time, they have been great, they provided me with an extra grab rail and a new curtain rail and curtain and put it all up for me.It might sound mad to others but the thought of now being able to sit on my bathboard and have a shower is so great, i hate having to struggle to get in and out the bath ie, i can't lift my legs up to get over the bath, i struggle lowering myself down in bath, times when i can't get out the bath as i can't lift myself up..Exstatic is how i'm feeling.. woo hoo lol.. Tomorrow thay are plumbing in the shower and laying the new floor and then it's all done, needs a good clean and tomorrow will be my first night with the shower..oi oi lol

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