Thursday, 1 December 2011

Am now sat down

After a manic evening with the kids being swayed from one to the other i am now sat down chilling with my hot water bottle,bliss is what comes to mind lol..
I am very tired but it's not as simple as just putting your head down and going to sleep, I've taken my amitriptyline which helps to relax my muscles and help with pain, they take a few hours to kick in so i normally am in the land of nod for about 12 sometimes later..It can be hard to doze off if aching, stiff, uncomfortable and in pain, you know the normal aches and pains of arthritis lol Some nights i am lucky and can sleep the night through, other nights my sleep is disturbed, lets see how my sleep goes tonight..Hoping it will be a smooth ride, have plumber coming at half 7 in the morning to do me shower, half 7?? early i know lol..If I've had a rough night I'll definitely be scaring the plumber in the morning.. lol

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