Thursday, 1 December 2011

Good morning

Love waking up with the sun shining, makes my morning easier..
Woke ok this morning no major trouble yanking myself up and getting out of bed so far so good.
Great i am also managing to walk around without my sticks, maybe that is not a good idea with the amount of times i have fallen recently lol, but to escape from my sticks is ace.
I even managed to do myself a cuppa and bring it upstairs using only one hand on rail to help me up,,woo hoo lets hope it continues throughout the day..
My plans are to go up town, with my BM(best mate) and to get some christmas bits to add to my collection ready to put up the weekend with the kids. I was going to attempt no sticks(i should learn not to speak out loud)but my daughter said "No mom that would be silly now wouldn't it" so i have officially been told lol, so i will take sticks just to be on safe side, damn things are not pretty, i must decorate them with tinsel soon give everyone a reason to stare lol..
On the down side i have been getting some sharp pains in wrists and ankles since last night, nothing to severe, i hope it goes as quick as it comes, we shall see..
Will report back later after ,y trek up town..
Keep smiling...    :-)

1 comment:

  1. out of the mouthes of babes, what hapens is you go without sticks and you end up buying sticks or even an umberella!! i now have a wide range of sicks cruches and umerellas !! i could start a hire service. to think of it i do free of charge.
    my daughter now checks my shoes also as theyr also crucial when going out as you end up serching for comfy shoes then you relise u need new feet not new shoes!! this is when the roles turn! i am the mother but she is right lol