Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Steroids, My miracle drug

Haven't wrote for a while, i have been busy with christmas coming up and the kids are off school so have been busy having fun with them too..
Am pleased to say that i am feeling so much better since i last wrote. The steroid injection worked wonders and am now feeling normal..No more swelling, no more tenderness to touch and no more intense pain..It literally is my miracle drug. The steroid jab lasts up to 12 weeks, i am hoping that i get the full use of the 12 weeks and not come to an early standstill, only time will tell..
Xmas has been hard this year, not being as organised as i normally am..Presents were done via net, cards i have not done, everytime i have thought about my hands have been no good to write, now they are ok it seems pretty pointless to send them now, but i know those close to me will understand,, i shall start earlier next year lol..Presents have been a nightmare to wrap, i am normally such a perfectionist and every corner has to be prestine lol, this year with a little help from the kids we have managed to stick the paper together and is a job well done.
The kids and i have been making xmas hats and cards for the family, and we have had great fun, my wrists are painful now, but i have enjoyed such a shame it can't be enjoyed at is fullest but thats just part of the parcel of arthritis..bah humbug lol...
Am hoping i shall feel normal for xmas. Now normal for some is just that normal lol , but to us that suffer with arthritis a normal day is a day when you are feeling your general aches and pains of arthritis and not so much pain..If i could have days like this everyday i would be happy, happy to deal with it head on and take it on the chin.Our lives never seem easy and it is full of bumps and humps and twists and roundabouts, but thats what makes us stronger and keeps us fighting..

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