Friday, 9 December 2011

Am so so tired

Didn't post yesterday as my eyes were so heavy, and was feeling very tired. I slept for hours in the day only to wake and still feel tired.
I went to bed last night with my cushions either side of my hips expecting to drift off easily due to the tiredness i was experiencing, How wrong was i..Back was throbbing so applied deep heat, then ankles started throbbing so applied deep heat to them aswell..11pm came and i was really struggling with my eyes staying open but pain started creeping in my wrists, " sod off i was thinking, just give me a break" more deep heat was applied, i bloody stunk..
12 came and i was still awake, pain niggling away, my eyes wanted to sleep but my body wouldn't let me, i was getting really agitated at this point, decided i must turn tv off and try and train my brain to sleep, crazy as it sounds i actually do this quite often, i lie there and say in my head sleep sleep sleep continuously and eventually i drifted off..
Woke again at 2.27, had some pain reapplied deep heat took some paracetamol and drifted off again, woke again at 4.05...grrrr dozed back off and alarm went off at half 6 and i honestly felt like i hadn't slept..
Sat here now with heavy eyes and really i want to snuggle in my bed, shut my eyes and drift off into the land of nod, but it makes me feel lazy so i know i will prob fight the tiredness for as long as i can or untill my eyes just shut and the choice is taken away from me..

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  1. Tried to post earlier, and think it has ended up in cyber space somewhere.

    I was saying a massive thankyou for all your support last night and today.

    Hope you are looking ater you.
    Much love.xx