Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Occupational Therapy Visit

Woke today feeling not too bad.
An hour after walking about doing bits and pieces, the gears in my hips were sticking and grinding, the left more so.. 
I knew i had to go downstairs to wait for OT  so got my bag on my shoulder with meds, laptop, phone and chargers,I threw down the stairs my pillow that supports my back and hips and then slid the stool down the stairs, trekking up and down the stairs would be such a mission, so i was determined it was going to be one trip, and one trip down the stairs only lol..
OT was coming in the morning, any-time between 9-12, she came at just after half 11.
She was a different lady from before, but she was very nice.
We discussed many things, how i cope at home etc. I explained that most days i am upstairs as that is where my toilet is.. She said that it wasn't fair that i should stay upstairs so is asking someone from the council to come out and have a look to see if they can build a bathroom downstairs for me, enabling me to come downstairs and not having to go up and down, up and down lol. How ace would that be..? be so much easier for me.
I am also having extra rails in bathroom, new bathboard and steps outside my front door, making it easier for me to get in and out the house.
I am so grateful for there help as without it my life would be so much more difficult.They do a great job and have put a big smile on my face today..

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