Saturday, 17 March 2012

Neurologist Appointment

Went and saw my neurologist yesterday, to talk about my freaky going ons lol.
I saw him 3 months previous where he sent me for MRI . My MRI was clear, which he said he was happy with as he was looking for signs of Mutiple Scerosis, am so relieved that was ok.
I ran through my symptoms again with him.

  • Pins and needles in hands, legs and feet
  • Numbness in hands legs and feet
  • Cramp kind feeling in legs and arms
  • Twitches
  • Sensitive areas to touch on skin
He has told me to increase my gabapentin if and when needed. Wants me to increase my amitriptyline by 10mg so i shall now be on 35mg.
I am now to have vitamin B injections too see if that will help with the pins and needles.
He is also sending me off for a nerve conductivity test as he suspects peripheal neuropathy which i believe is nerve damage related to central nervous system..

In my head i am thinking great one, something else to add to my list of illnesses, something else that i need to learn to live with and come to terms with, something else that can only be controlled and not cured.. Great one eh? As you can tell i am a little deflated and annoyed.. I shall be ok again in a few days, get my head round it and just learn to accept and live with it.. Being miserable is not going to help me or my family, so onwards and upwards eh?...xx

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