Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Feeling rather peculiar

For 2 days i have had what i can only describe as a dead leg with sharp pains running from back of thigh to my feet.
It is constant, and not easing up at all, not at the moment anyway..Having a dead leg for 2 days is taking its toll and doing my nut in..
Along with my dead leg my back and hips are throbbing and painful too, and i just feel weird,peculiar odd~?? am weak, aching, uncomfortable...maybe its because it is a new pain something i not used too.
Went to doctors to get it checked out as i was wooried about deep vein thrombosis and didn't know if any of my tablets could be the cause..Anyway explained all my symptoms to doc and she said it is nerve related. As i am under neurologist(who i seeing march) she was reluctant to give me anything else..So instead has told me to increase gabapentin over the next few days and see how i feel, akso to increase amitriptyline too..
Doc said i could be like this for weeks.. great one..I hope not, its driving me mad now.. or is it going to be another one of them things we have to get used too..
Fingers crossed that the increase will help..

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